Testosterone Patches

Testosterone Patches

Testosterone Patches

What Are Testosterone Patches

Testosterone PatchesTestosterone patches are an effective method to get testosterone into your body. These patches contain testosterone which is delivered directly through the skin. The skin slowly absorbs the testosterone out of the patch and delivers it to the blood stream. Testosterone patches are typically used when a man is found to have low testosterone levels. The controlled release of testosterone from these patches resembles the way the body produces and releases this male hormone. It is important to understand that it is more expensive to use testosterone patches than it is to use other methods.

Testosterone Patches – Testosterone patches come in two forms: body (transdermal) patches and scrotal (transcrotal) patches. When using body patches they can be applied to a variety of places on the body, but scrotal patches can only be placed on the scrotum. Many times a prescription from a medical professional is needed to obtain these patches.

If you use a body testosterone patch it can be placed on the back, abdomen, upper buttock, upper arm, or thigh. It is common for people to use two or more patches at the same time. Body testosterone patches need to be changed once a day and must remain on the body for 24 hours. Since these patches can lead to skin irritation, it is important to change the location these patches are worn at least once a week.

Testosterone PatchesThe scrotal testosterone patches are quite smaller and are not associated with as many side effects. Since the skin on the scrotum is thinner than that in other areas of the body, the testosterone is absorbed at a higher rate. When applying patches to the scrotum, the area needs shaved on a regular basis. Scrotal patches are to be worn at least 22 hours a day. It is important to realize that this treatment should not be used for more than eight weeks.

By using testosterone patches, there is no need for injections or surgical procedures. It is easy to use and apply these patches. When using testosterone patches many people complain of itching, discomfort and short-lived local irritation, skin redness, and hardening or burning where the patches are applied. If they are not taken of with care, they can cause a local infection. You may want to remove the patch prior to swimming or bathing.

Testosterone Patches – Be sure to wash and dry the skin in the area where you are going to apply the testosterone patch prior to application. Do not apply a patch to broken, oily, or irritated skin. You also want to avoid placing them in areas that will be under pressure as you sit or sleep. It is important to not apply body testosterone patches to the scrotum or to any bony areas of the body like the shoulder. You should understand that hormone patches can affect the blood sugar levels of a person who is diabetic.


Testosterone Patches


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